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A Channelled Post.

I have been observing many of you and the words of those outside and above your existance who would contact you. Many of these pronouncements speak of the paramount importance of your earth in interstellar balance between good and evil, light and dark, or chaos and order.

I would like to reassure you all that your planet is no more important in the grand scheme of things than any other world inhabited by sapient creatures. Souls are souls, after all, and the battle within one heart between understanding and ignorance is an echo of the rise or fall of existance as a whole.

If you wish to join in the struggle, you may do so by living a life that benefits others so that they can do the same. If you do not, the world will not end any sooner. All the universe does not rest on your shoulders, and you may rest easy tonight knowing that if you are miserable, the galaxy will not suffer for it.

So go on and live for yourself, not the Eternal Battle Against the Icky Dark Mean Things.

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