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Weekly Topic: Realization

I'm going to try to post a topic to discuss every week, just to keep things lively around here.

This week's topic: what made you realize you were other than human? Or, alternatively, what made you forge a connection to outer space and extraterrestrial life?

It started when I was very young, and would go on to anyone who would listen to how things were different on my planet. I used to tell people I was from Pluto, because it was the furthest planet that I knew of. I would stare at the stars for long times and feel a sort of disconnected longing, a sense that there were things out there that I could be exploring instead of being "stuck" here on earth. When I was four years old I went through a phase of drawing strange alien hospitals, and machines that ostensibly brought back the dead or cloned people, etc. Once I was eight and discovered Star Trek I desperately wanted to be on the Enterprise, exploring strange new worlds. It just felt right to me; it always struck me as very odd that Earth had no capacity for interstellar travel.

Around the time I was ten, I started talking to an 'imaginary friend' I called Spaceman. He was an astronaut; he was blond, slender and seemingly about twelve but 'feeling' much older than that. We'd talk about space travel, alien life, and Earth life. He told me, basically, to buck up and stick with Earth for a bit longer, because I couldn't leave just yet. I stopped talking to Spaceman about a year later.

I've always had imaginary friends, from when I was about three to the present day (though there were gaps of some years where there was nobody, e.g. from five to nine years of age), though I never percieved them as imaginary. They were just invisible to everyone else. :p A few years ago I learned there were others who shared similar experiences (see soulbonding). Some of my current 'soulbonds' are aliens; they might speak up here now and then.
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