Factio Effrenata, Anarchic Entity (effrenata) wrote in nonfluffyaliens,
Factio Effrenata, Anarchic Entity

Alternative Reincarnation Communities.

Here are a couple of reincarnation-focused groups that a friend and I are running, which are open to alternative viewpoints:

alt_pastlives: The purpose of alt_pastlives is to foster brotherhood between people who believe in reincarnation and hold an interest in past lives. The twist, though, is that views and past life memories which are unsavoury to talk about on other places and which may not be commonly accepted are welcome here.

We accept posts on anything related to the topic of Past Life, including PL memories, metaphysical discussion, etc. (Borderline OT posts are permitted.)

Reincarnation FreeForum: http://reincarnation.freeforums.org/index.php

This forum is for the discussion of all topics related to reincarnation, multiple lives, and alternate selves, including topics sometimes regarded as "taboo" or controversial. We aim to provide room for expression of the full range of views, and an environment for personal growth, spiritual development and intellectual exploration.
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